About Nogi Botanical

Nogi Pharmaceutical Research Institute is supported by many advisors with different fields of expertise, and we hold repeated meetings and gather information with the aim of finding high-quality raw materials that ensure health and ensuring safety.

The research information is utilized in product development.

Nogi Pharmaceutical Research Institute’s research themes (excerpts) and advisors who served as chairs (representative examples from the past seven years)

Prevention of cardiovascular disease and the role of EPA. The role of rafts in the constriction of blood vessels. (Doctor of Medicine. Professor at a national university. Lives in Kyushu)
Sardine fish oil (DHA/EPA, etc.) has a unique lipoprotein regulating effect. (Doctor of Agriculture. Professor at a national university. Lives in Hokkaido)
Antiallergic and analgesic effects of DHA/EPA. (Practitioner. Doctor of Medicine.)
Antihypertensive and cholesterol-lowering effects of shiitake mushrooms (Doctor of Medicine. Worked at a major fermented food company for 30 years. Currently a professor at a national university. Lives in Hokkaido)
Anticancer effects and clinical prescription of Cordyceps sinensis (Chinese researcher, Doctor of Medicine, working at the National Military Hospital in Beijing)
Functions of fermented soybean foods in vivo. Effects of nitrogen on the expansion of myocardial and cerebrovascular vessels.
Antihypertensive effect of soybean lecithin and inositol triphosphate (Chinese researcher. Doctor of Medicine).
After researching at a national university in Japan, he became involved in the development of fermented foods such as Shaoxing wine. (Residing in Taiwan)
Immunity-strengthening effect of soybean peptide. Hormone-like effects of soy isoflavones.
The role of Oriental medicine and its interface with Western medicine (Chinese researcher. Doctor of Medicine. Currently researching the body's immune system against cancer at a national university in Japan)
Accuracy of protein analysis. Analytical research on raw materials for protein complexes (collagen, glucosamine, etc.) (30 years at a testing contract company).
medical doctor)
Turmeric's bile secreting action. (Professor at a national university. Doctor of Medicine. Lives in Kyushu)
Blood sugar control effect of bitter melon (Bitter melon) (Chinese herbalist, resident in Xi'an, China)
Can fermented tea control cholesterol? (Chinese black tea researcher, living in Shanghai)
CoQ10 and heart disease and Parkinson's disease. Prescription amount of ubiquinone. (Practitioner. Doctor of Medicine.)
Environmental investigation of vitamin and mineral alteration. Individual requirements for vitamins and minerals (40 years at a major pharmaceutical company. Pharmacist)
Usefulness and harmfulness of minerals (Doctor of Engineering, Professor at a private university)
Cancer prevention effect of minerals contained in volcanic rocks, minerals contained in volcanic rocks and treatment of Parkinson's disease (Japanese mineral food researcher).
(Under research in Germany)
Differences in the effects of taking amino acids produced in the body and industrially produced amino acids (Research and development manager at a major food company)
Method for removing heavy metals such as squalene and shark liver oil (Development staff at soft capsule manufacturing company. Development staff at raw material manufacturing company)
The usefulness and toxicity of alkaloids and iridoid acids in plant medicines (can anticancer effects be obtained from plants?
Relationship between tumor suppressor genes and alkaloids) (Doctor of Medicine, professor at a national university, expert in terpenoid research).
Usefulness and toxicity of seaweed (Doctor of Agriculture, Professor at National University)
Effects of botanical herbal medicines on neurotransmitters (Doctor of Medicine, Professor at National University)
A simple testing method for early detection of cancer. Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases Relationship between food and medicine (Practitioner. Gastroenterology specialist. Doctor of Medicine)
Prevention and treatment of propolis and periodontal disease (practicing dentist, oral hygiene specialist)
Safety of supplement ingredients (agricultural products, livestock products, marine products) (Doctor of Agriculture. After working at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, researched at an American university)
Usage status of resveratrol in Europe and America (Doctor of Agriculture, winery management, Toulouse, France)
Citrulline's ability to improve arteriosclerosis and its effect on hypertensive patients and age-related macular disease (cardiologist, ophthalmologist)
*If there are no special notes, they live in the Kanto area.

LSI Co., Ltd. uses the connections it has cultivated over 35 years of overseas marketing to help gather local information overseas.
USA (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Sacramento), Canada (Vancouver), UK (London), France (Paris, Nantes), Italy (Verona), Germany (Hamburg, Stuttgart), Brazil (São Paulo, Get the latest preventive health and medical information from a wide range of news sources, including Brazopoli), Thailand (Bangkok), Taiwan (Taipei, Tainan), and China (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong).

Nogi Botanical's roots are "Shonan Lohasuke, born in the Meiji era, who practiced LOHAS"

Nogi Pharmaceutical Research Institute's LOHAS-oriented approach and international activities based on overseas information are based on the existence of the first chairman, Mr. Munetada Yamamuro.
Former Chairman Yamamuro was a British-raised scientist who worked hard to solve vibration problems in aircraft engines during the Greater East Asia War.
After the war, he worked in the turmoil of the munitions industry and became a university professor, devoting himself to developing people with both literary and military talents through academics and sports.
He also provided part of his home as a meeting place for agricultural industry researchers and medical researchers. I enjoyed interacting with scholars.
Although he was blessed with many grandchildren, he learned that there were many problems with the quality and price of the Chinese herbal medicine that his grandchild with atopic dermatitis was looking for, so he proposed importing and developing supplements by providing the funds and space.
He established a small organization within the Tokyo marketing company of which he was chairman for 15 years until his death.

***LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health and Sustainability) means living a slow life that is considerate of health and the environment.
We call people who practice LOHAS a LOHASKE.

Profile of Professor Munetada Yamamuro
1908: Born in Tokyo
1918: Moved to the United States (New York) while attending Seikei Gakuen Elementary School.
1921: Moves to England (London) and enrolls at Dulwich Public School.
Dulwich has a unique British major department, and I chose the science side (5 years).
1927: Admitted to Cambridge University, affiliated with Trinity Hall College.
Became a student of nuclear physics professor Sir Rutherford and learned basic physics such as ``Structure of Matter.''

1930: Returned to Japan after graduation. Entered Imperial University Graduate School (Professor Terasawa).
1935: After graduating from graduate school and getting married, joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya Aircraft Works (aviation engine vibration).
1945: The war ends in Matsumoto (Nagano Prefecture), where the Development Department of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya Aircraft Works was evacuated.
1947: Moved to Kugenuma, Fujisawa City. This was a time when Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was dismantled and production of household goods such as pans, sickles, and bicycles continued.
1949: Became a professor at Sophia University. Specializes in mathematics and applied physics.
Concurrently serves as a professor in the Department of International Studies. Later, with the establishment of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, he became a professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
1992: Ends his life in Kugenuma, Fujisawa City.

My hobby is sports
The reason why Nogi Botanical encourages sports, which are the foundation of good health, is because Mr. Nogi has been a lifelong sportsman.
Rugby was chosen as the compulsory sport at Dulwich High School in England. At Cambridge University, he is a member of the College Rowing Club's Crescent Club.
He took advantage of his small size to serve as cox for the rowing club, and participated in events such as the Henley Royal Regatta.
A national athlete in Kanagawa Prefecture's 100m track and field in the 40+ category for five consecutive years.
After that, I resumed playing golf, which I love.
Kanagawa Prefecture Track and Field Federation official. Tokyo Olympics official.
At Sophia University, he is the director of the rugby and golf clubs.

Rural life in Kugenuma, Kanagawa Prefecture is a practice of British LOHAS.
After moving from Tokyo to Kugenuma after a period of turmoil, more than half of the garden is devoted to producing crops and eggs.
A group of collaborators produces a wide variety of agricultural products other than rice, including wheat, soybeans, pumpkins, strawberries, watermelons, and peaches.
He lived a quiet life as a professor surrounded by natural agricultural products, and since then he has been striving to popularize healthy foods.
Planning for the production of safe and fresh chicken eggs. We produce over 1,000 eggs per day from over 1,300 chickens raised in our garden.
We import high-quality white leghorns with pedigrees from the United States. Delivered eggs to Hadano's agricultural cooperative, contributing to their spread.
The heart-rich rural life is simple in the British style. More than once, I have been mistaken for a servant while mowing the lawn.
He was a Meiji-born Rohasuke who truly practiced LOHAS.