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Premium Resve NAM High purity resveratrol (M) derived from 100% red grapes from France 50.5g (562.0mg x 90 tablets) (approx. 30-45 days supply)

Premium Resve NAM High purity resveratrol (M) derived from 100% red grapes from France 50.5g (562.0mg x 90 tablets) (approx. 30-45 days supply)


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Internal capacity

(M) 50.5g (562.0mg x 90 tablets) (approx. 3-4.5 months supply)

Nutritional information display

Nutritional requirements for 3 tablets per day

Energy 5.628kcal
Protein 0.021g
Fat 0.384g
Carbohydrate 0.516g
Salt equivalent amount 0.003g


Red wine powder 150.0mg
Grape shoot powder 15.0mg
CoQ10 3.0mg
Onion extract powder 225.0mg
Vitamin E 22.5mg
Grapeseed oil 532.5mg
Niacinamide 51.0mg

Grape resveratrol is a relative of anthocyanins, but is a unique polyphenol in the stilbenoid genus.
In addition to trans-resveratrol, Nogi Botanical's Resve has synergistic effects and safety with natural grape components such as anthocyanin, quercetin, and CoQ10, so it is much more effective than consuming grape resveratrol alone. It's expensive and safe.

raw materials Onion powder (made in Japan), red grape extract powder, red grape sprout extract powder (contains 20% resveratrol), CoQ-10, vitamin E, grapeseed oil, niacinamide

This product is trans-resveratrol derived from natural red grapes.
(stilbene and pterostilbene), anthocyanin, quercetin, CoQ10,
Contains grapeseed oil, an all-natural substance found in red grapes.

expiration date

If stored at a temperature below 10℃ and unopened, it can be stored for one year from the date of manufacture (written on the label).

Handling instructions

Please store at room temperature away from sunlight. Please consume immediately after opening.

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