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Black sesame power "Fresh Sesamin" large capacity 360 grains (L) size pack

Black sesame power "Fresh Sesamin" large capacity 360 grains (L) size pack


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Internal capacity (L) 400.8mg x 360 tablets (approx. 3-6 months supply)
Nutritional information display

4 tablets per day

Energy: 12.8kcal
Protein: 0.40g
Fat: 1.20g
Carbohydrate: 0.12g
Salt equivalent amount: 0.008g
Vitamin E: 80.0mg
Sesame oil total amount: 960mg (capsule total weight: 1780mg)
Total amount of sesame lignan: 9.56mg
Sesamin: 5.96mg
Sesamol: 0.48mg
Sesamolin: 3.12mg
Vitamin E: 240mg

raw materials black sesame oil
Natural vitamin E (α-tocopherol)
/Gelatin, vitamin E, glycerin, black sesame oil
Natural vitamin E (α-tocopherol)
/gelatin, vitamin E, glycerin

Fresh Sesamin contains not only sesamin, a polyphenol (lignan), but also sesamol and sesamolin. These are collectively called sesame lignans.

Black sesame oil is rich in sesame lignan, which is the source of sesame power.
Sesame lignan contains sesamin and sesaminol in a well-balanced manner.
It also contains 60 milligrams of plant-derived natural vitamin E, which is extremely useful for maintaining health.

Daily intake is 2 to 6 capsules (based on an average weight of 60 kg)
2 to 4 capsules for daily health.
If you are drinking a lot of alcohol at a party, etc., we recommend taking 6 capsules beforehand.

[Characteristics of Fresh Sesamin]

1) Fresh Sesamin uses only carefully selected high-quality black sesame seeds as raw materials and is strongly roasted.

2) Oil is extracted using a compression method that does not involve any chemical processing.

3) Add vitamin E to the purest black sesame oil,
filled into capsules.

Sesame oil contains a good balance of the essential unsaturated fatty acids N-6 (linoleic acid), N-3 (linolenic acid), and N-9 (oleic acid). N-3 is a fatty acid called omega-3.

expiration date

If stored at a temperature below 10℃ and unopened, it can be stored for one year from the date of manufacture (written on the label).

Handling instructions

Please store at room temperature away from sunlight. Please consume immediately after opening.

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